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Tips to Note When Selecting a Laptop Battery


A laptop battery is responsible for supplying power to the laptop. It acts as its power source for a couple of hours without needing a power cord. The amount of power required determines how long the battery lasts. Different laptop models like the Hp come with specific batteries that can be recharged once the energy is depleted. Check out hp-battery for the vast selection of hp laptop batteries. In this write-up, we discuss the factors to consider when buying a laptop battery.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Laptop Battery

One of the essential parts of a high-quality laptop is a good working laptop battery. It plays a significant role in its portability. Several factors would make you replace the battery, such as loss of function. When getting another one, consider the following;

1. Compatibility

Most laptop batteries are model specific. They can only work with a particular computer. You’ll be required to know the model and make of your laptop. You can look it up on the paperwork that came with it during the purchase or check the battery compartment while the laptop is off and unplugged. If more than one batteries fit your device, pick the one that is more accessible and has a good lifespan.

2. Battery Capacity

It refers to the amount of energy found inside the battery, written in milliamperes(mAh). Buying one with a high capacity is important, but it also depends on your workload. Suppose you work in an office or home and do heavy loads of work; choosing a high capacity battery is key for sustaining you as more power is consumed. If you only use the laptop for simple tasks like studying, a lower capacity battery would be ideal.

3. Lifespan

Each battery has a period in which it is expected to last or function. This period is usually identified as a cycle. Every time you charge the battery to full, then completely use up all the power is referred to as ‘one cycle.’ Most of them have between 300-1500 cycles. A battery can work even after it has gone through all cycles, but it won’t hold the charge well. There is software available for download to help you count the cycles and some laptops have it already inbuilt.

4. Condition of the Battery

Laptop batteries are available either in new or refurbished condition. When on a limited budget, refurbished ones are good and much cheaper than new ones. On the flip side, you may end up buying a too old battery with a poor warranty or no warranty at all. They can also stop working suddenly, making you spend more to get another one. It is advisable to get a new battery as it comes with great benefits and avoid risks.

5. Battery Voltage

The voltage of the battery you want to get must match that of the original one. That should guide you on the type to buy as it is what your laptop can comfortably handle. The volts indicated should not be less or more than the power specified on the paperwork.


A laptop battery dictates how long you can work and how far you can go from your source of power, e.g., a socket. Buying a good battery saves you money, makes working convenient, and prevents risks such as explosions due to overheating.

Five Excellent Social Media Branding Strategies


Social media branding is vital for any company looking to outdo its competitors. A brand represents what the company’s values are, which is how fans perceive the company. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook offer a virtually free platform for companies to connect with their fans. If you are new to social media, you can buy Twitter followers to start things off positively.

Studies have proven that customers are more likely to consume products and services whose brands they relate to. The importance of social media branding is exponential. This article discusses the strategies for building a strong social media presence.

1. Influencer marketing

Those who have built a strong following on social media are referred to as social media influencers. Using social media influencers to promote a brand is a good idea for companies that have a significant following and are looking to grow.

Niche influencers are influencers who target a specific market niche. An excellent example of a niche social media influencer is Kylie Jenner, who focuses on beauty products and fashion. Companies can give their account to an influencer for a day to entice the influencer’s followers to follow the company account.

2. Consistency is key

Branding is mostly about creating themes and messages and using images and text to illustrate. The company’s social media bio and profile should accurately represent the brand’s values. Provide clients with a means to get in touch with the company. Identify your voice or tone and stick to it. Your content should also remain consistent. All visuals should be in line with the set theme.

3. Share UGC

Occasionally ask your followers to submit pictures, messages, or any media that express their take on anything and share the information on your page. This is called user-generated content (UGC), and it significantly improves engagement. You can also use this content to generate new content on a different social media platform.

4. Keep analyzing data

Regularly analyze data to see how social media brand is doing. You can get data on the rate of engagement and the turnover rate. Otherwise, you will not know how you are performing. The worst-case scenario is that the brand is not doing well despite hours of work put in, but the information gives you a chance to change a few things and try things differently. Tools like Twitter analytics would come in handy.

5. Note cultural boundaries

Since social media is global, there are many cultures represented on different social media platforms. Social media platforms make a point of making all users feel accepted and celebrated. Companies looking to build a strong social media brand should learn a thing or two from social media companies. Some fundamentals are generally accepted in most cultures which can be used to build a brand. These basics include hard work, unity, and determination.

In conclusion

Social media branding is not a walk in the park; it requires a lot of work and experimenting. Making a mistake on social media takes a toll on the company because the internet does not forget, so we advise companies to research thoroughly before starting social media branding campaigns.

How to Care For Your Notebook Battery


No matter what battery you are using, it wears out with time and that means you can only do your best while it is good. If you use a notebook battery that’s as strong as the HP TE03XL Notebook Battery, one major concern would be to ensure that it stays strong for long.

This article will show you everything you need to know about caring for your notebook battery. After going through this article, you should know how to maintain, not only your PC batter but also the batteries of your other gadgets. Let’s go through it.

Taking care of your notebook battery

The following should help you maintain your battery with ease.

1. Use the original charger

One of the best ways to ensure that your notebook battery remains as strong as always is to ensure that you’re regularly charging it with a charger that’s specified by the manufacturer. It doesn’t only help you keep your charger healthy, it also ensures that your battery charges fast and stays charged for longer.

2. Unplug it after a full charge

Always monitor your battery as it charges. Once you see a full bar, disconnect it from electricity and let it go down naturally. Overcharging your notebook battery weakens it over time. You may not notice it immediately; however, the more you overcharge it, the quicker it dies in the long run.

3. Never let it go below 40%

Although letting it go below 40% will not cause any harm to it, it is a good way to stop your battery from getting critically low before you plug it in again. It gets better for you because leaving it always above 40 means that you can take your notebook wherever you want without being worried about when it will go off.

4. Store it in a cool and dry place

One of the major killers of batteries is heat and moisture. Heat is also one of the reasons why you should not keep charging your notebook battery even after a full charge. If you work in a completely air-conditioned environment, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, if you can’t get an air-conditioned room, you can get one of those laptop coolants online.

5. Have a spare

Having a spare battery may not be the big deal you want to hear about but it helps you to keep your original battery safe and moderately worked. For someone who uses their system always, getting a spare battery won’t only help you care for the original but also help you to maintain a productivity level where you can’t charge immediately.

6. Get a battery monitoring app

It’s a no-brainer to always be able to monitor the progress and health of your battery at all times. You may not see what unwanted running apps are eating up your battery all the time. A battery monitoring application will help you when you should charge and what applications you should turn off.


Keep your notebook battery well cared for by following the above simple steps and you will never have to deal with bad batteries anymore.

How can you Transfer Android Text SMS to iPhone 12 through Backuptrans


While there is no direct way of hacking into your iPhone system to import text messages from an Android device, the Backuptrans software allows you to do that. How can you transfer Android text messages to iPhone 12 with Backuptrans after set up? Backuptrans Android to iPhone text SMS transfer is a program to help you transfer text messages to your iPhone quickly from Android.

Connect the phones to the computer program, click on the “Transfer” button, and then wait for the moving progress to be complete. There is no jailbreak or root required.

How to transfer Android text SMS to iPhone using Backuptrans

Install Backuptrans on the computer and run the software.

Run Backuptrans Android to iPhone text messages transfer. Connect both the Android device and your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. The Backuptrans software will find connected devices and display them on the list of devices.

Before using the software on your computer to transfer Android text messages to your iPhone, make sure to install the most recent iTunes version on the computer and turn off iCloud Backup on the iPhone.

You also have to enter the right passcode if your iPhone is secured using a passcode. It is recommended first to turn off the passcode on your iPhone. If Backuptrans doesn’t find the Android phone connected, ensure the phone has enabled USB debugging first. Some Android telephones need USB driver software installed on windows first before transferring and moving of pieces information from Android.

Transferring all Android text messages to iPhone at the same time

  1. Click on the Android phone in the devices list.
  2. Move to the top toolbar and then press “Transfer Android Text messages to iPhone.” Or go to files then” transfer Android text messages to iPhone.” You can also right-click on the Android phone in the list of devices then select “transfer Android messages to iPhone.”

Transferring a single contact Android text messages to iPhone

  1. Under the Android device, select the contact name you want.
  2. Move to the top toolbar and select “transfer Android text messages to iPhone” or go to file then “transfer Android text messages to iPhone.” You can also right-click on the contact’s name then select “transfer text messageswith this contact name to iPhone.”
  3. Always select and confirm the iPhone you’re transferring text messages to before you continue. After the transfer is complete and successful, please wait for your iPhone to refresh and restart the messages itself.

If Backuptrans software can’t detect your iPhone, follow these procedures to transfer Android text messages to iPhone through iTunes.

  1. Connect the Android phone only to the iPhone Android messages transfer software, then click on Backup messages to backup text SMS from the Android device to the database.
  2. Launch iTunes after connecting the iPhone to the computer and then click on “Backup now” to set a new backup of the iPhone on the computer.
  3. Disconnect the iPhone from the computer.
  4. Export the text SMSfrom the local database to iTunes backup.
  5. Exit the Android messages transfer software.
  6. Restore your iPhone using Finder/iTunes.
  7. After the restoration is complete, your Android messages would have been successfully transferred to the iPhone.

Final Thoughts

Accessing Android’s file structure is straightforward but challenging when it comes to the iPhone. You will require iFile to access the iPhone’s file system. Backuptrans helps you achieve this with ease.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Laptop Battery


The Dell Battery is an essential part of the machine. The main benefits of laptops are that they are portable. Without the batteries, their portability would be non-existent because you would have to plug them in a power socket when using them. This post discusses laptop battery life and how best you can extend its health status.

Tips for extending your laptop battery life

When you choose a replacement laptop battery, the last thing you want is to go through the purchasing process again after a few months. If you are looking to extend the life and durability of your laptop battery, the following tips will come in handy:

1.Let it charge to 100% before switching your machine on

Whenever you acquire a new laptop battery, it comes with 50% worth of charge. It is sporadic that you find a laptop battery, whether new or a replacement battery, fully charged upon purchase. Therefore, after purchasing a battery, you should insert it into your machine then charge it until the battery is 100% full. Experts recommend that you leave the laptop plugged a few hours after the battery is full.

During this time, try as much as possible not to use the computer at this time. Once the battery is right for you to use, you have to unplug it and not charge it until it either shuts down or displays the low battery warning. After that, let it charge to 100% again. Please do this at least 3 or 4 times as it helps to calibrate the battery.

2.Keep your battery from high temperatures

High temperatures have a significant and adverse effect on your laptop, as well as its battery. According to experts, high temperatures tend to fasten the permanent loss of your laptop battery’s capacity. This is especially the case with lithium-ion laptop batteries used on dell laptops and other popular brands.

3.Do not allow your battery discharge or charge to 100 always

It is never a good idea to discharge your battery until 0%. This is only okay when you are calibrating your battery while breaking it in. However, letting your laptop discharge to 0% after being done with calibrating could result in permanent damage. If such care is not taken, most of the time, the laptop battery loses its ability to hold a charge.

Additionally, you should avoid charging your battery to 100% each time because doing so could reduce laptop battery capacity. Also, a fully charged battery tends to die in a short amount of time. The best thing to do would be to charge it up to 80%.

4.How to analyze your laptop battery health status

There are four techniques you can use to check the health status of your laptop battery. They are:

  • In BIOS
  • Using Diagnostics
  • Using the power manager or the command center
  • Using an LED indicator


There are several sources through which you can get a laptop battery replacement. However, it would help if you were careful about the dealer you’re purchasing from. Note, there are several factors to consider, including the reputation and quality of laptop batteries. 

Top Reasons Why You Should Use an IPTV VPN


With the constant rise in the popularity of IPTV, there have been incoming pressures ml from the ISP and some other video content providers. At this point, you must understand that aside from ensuring to renew your IPTV subscription when due, an IPTV VPN is also needed to prevent throttling or blocking of video contents. Are you interested in knowing why a VPN is needed for your IPTV? Then, hang on. Shortly, we shall dive into details regarding why you need an IPTV VPN, let’s get started!

What’s The Function Of a VPN

Before we move on, we will take a quick look at the three basic functions of a good VPN. They include:

  • It helps to protect your identity. It does this by preventing your ISP from getting hints of your online activities.
  • It allows you to view internet content that’s censored in your region or location
  • It helps for the geo-spoofing of your region to be able to gain access to restricted content.

Reasons Why You Need An IPTV VPN

Now that we’ve seen the primary functions of a VPN, we can see some of the benefits of using it for your IPTV.

1. It helps you to avoid ISP Throttling and IPTV Services

Most ISPs are known to throttle the connection of the internet services for a lot of users; that has been the normal thing for a long time now. The tricky part is that not all users of the internet are aware of this act which can be termed “unfair”. If you don’t know, throttling is a process through which your ISP (Internet Service Provider) reduces the speed of your internet connection intentionally.

However, this can be prevented when you introduce a VPN to your device.

2. Protect Your Privacy

If you aren’t careful, your Internet Service Provider will keep monitoring your every move on the internet. For your IPTV, it’s likely going to crawl through and fish out whatever video content it is you’re consuming. You don’t want this and that’s why you need a VPN for your IPTV. In this case, the VPN helps to block out the sites you’ve visited. In the case where you want to view an Illegal content, the IPTV VPN will get.in handy.

 3. It helps you to bypass the blocking it tiur isos/IPTV services ISPs

Most cable operators are out to track and block your IPTV streaming. Some IPTV owners are currently going through this and you don’t want to be the next victim. When you get blocked eventually, one of the surest ways to carry on with your steaming is to install a VPN; this ensures that you don’t go through a stream block or interruption.

4. It helps for an improved streaming performance

If you’re faced with slow performance challenges, getting a good VPN can be the idea that you’ve been waiting for. Cons help to ensure that you keep your stream performance moving as fast as possible.


As an IPTV subscriber, it’s important that you stay careful and also adhere to strict precautions. One such precaution as mentioned in this guide is a VPN. It helps you to achieve lots of things while streaming and using one is likely going to be one of the best decisions that you will make.

How To Get The right YouTube Subscriber Service Retailer


For someone who runs a YouTube channel, one thing that tends to be a thing of concern is how to get a lot of YouTube subscribers for your channel. The truth is, you are not and can’t be the only one who seems to think in the same direction.

A ton of YouTube content creators, especially beginners, are gradually opting for a second option. Buying followers for your channel is one of the quickest and also, a risky way of obtaining subscribership. If you’re considering this method, then I suggest that you stay glued to find out all you need to know about finding the right retailer for buying YouTube subscribers.

Choosing the right retailer for buying YouTube subscribers

Here are some of the factors to consider:

 1. Proper research

Looking through the internet, you would find a ton of providers who promise to sell you “real” subscribers. If proper care isn’t taken, you would end up buying fake subscribers and that won’t yield any positive change to your channel. Since contacting some authentic providers can be a bit tasking, it’s advised that a proper research is conducted to ensure maximum service.

2. Choose your preferred plan carefully

Most providers would serve you a menu that consists of the different packages they offer. These are oftentimes displayed on their website. You are required to pay close attention to whatever plan you are going for before making payments; do you want subscribers + viewers, only subscribers, only viewers, etc. Everything will be on full glare for you to make your choice.

3. Check for past reviews

Looking out for past reviews on a particular product is part of the vital aspects of every purchase. In this case, buying YouTube subscribers isn’t left out. This is because you expect to get value for every penny that would spend. At this point, you must check on people who have used a particular provider that you’re considering and find out what they think about the service. This is going to help you make great decisions.

4. Terms and conditions

A lot of people tend to neglect this part because apparently, no one considers it as important. Before signing any deal or making any payment, ensure that you have thoroughly gone through the different terms and conditions of the service provider. Not just going through it, be sure that their terms are ones that you can easily adapt to.

5. Weigh your different options

This is the part where you draw a list of all the YouTube subscriber retailers that you found during your search. Outline the features of each, their similarities, and their differences. Doing this will ensure that you don’t make a mistake that could have been easily avoided.


There you have it! This is a guide that clearly states how to go about using the right retailer to solve your YouTube followership options. If part of your major aims to drive traffic and convert your leads, then this is for you!

How a Smartwatch Can Be of Help Everyday


It is no doubt that smartwatches have made a name for themselves, and they have created a niche of their worldwide. However, with the advancement in the technology sector, we see various technological developments in these smartwatches. Even if these watches are associated with health enthusiasts and technology freaks, it is advisable to ensure that you understand the right factors you should consider when making your selection. When shopping for a smartwatch, remember to check honor black Friday uk deals. The following are some of the exciting features of a smartwatch and why you need to use them.

They Provide Smart Navigation for Easier Journeys

One of the significant reasons why most people are using smartwatches it enables smart navigation for comfortable and more accessible journeys. With these devices, they will help you to navigate using Google maps and GPS. For example, the apple watch uses vibration to communicate to the user to turn left or right. When using it, you will realize that it reduces distractions when traveling, as you will not have to look for your smartphone again and again. Therefore, this component helps the elderly as they can move anywhere without getting lost.

It Enables You Control Your Smart Home

With the advancement of technology, it is easy to integrate your smartwatch with home automation. It is one of the exciting benefits that you will get from these watches since they can enable you to control your garage doors, lights, and electrical appliances using your watch. But you need to understand that this is a relatively complex process and ensure that it is performed under an expert’s guidance. After completing the installation process, note that you can control your home using smartwatches and smartphones.

It Monitors Your Health and Tracks Your Fitness

It is advisable to understand that smartwatches can help you stay healthy since they can monitor your health. With old age, you need to understand that keeping track of your health becomes essential than ever. These devices note that they come with fitness tracking features, monitoring, and heart rate features to ensure you are always healthy. Most of them come with waterproof designs suitable for other rigorous outdoor activities such as swimming and cycling.

Help You Locate Things

As stated at the start of this post, you can do everything with the help of a smartwatch. In most cases, these devices are required to help the elderly locate their properties. If you manage to dislocate your items accidentally, you can quickly find them with the help of this device. Most smartwatches have apps that enable you to connect your smartphones, keys, and other electronic gadgets. Therefore, when using trackers, you will find them whenever you want.

It works as a Personal Assistant

Another exciting feature that you will get on this gadget is that it can remind you about essential activities such as taking medicines, turning off electronic devices, and exercising. With these gadgets, you can set a time with the required tags to remind you about specific activities you need to conduct.

Simple Tips for Increasing Camera Battery Life


You have probably been outdoors for a photography session when the camera’s battery dies. Such a situation can be a nightmare, and no professional photographer would wish to be in the situation. However, as a human being, you can forget to charge your Digital Camera Battery or fail to carry a backup. Fortunately, there are different tips you should master that can help you extend the lifespan of your camera battery.

Remember that the few tricks and tweaks cannot make the battery to last forever. However, they can help you get a few extra minutes. Thus, it is vital to know the functions of your camera that drain your battery power.

Turn Off Lights

You can conserve energy by turning off the live view functionality and pop-up flash. In addition, you can focus manually instead of using the camera’s autofocus setting. However, these are important features you use, but they consume massive amount of energy. If the battery life keeps fading, then you can turn them off. 

Another option is turning off some functions, such as image review function. Although it is an important feature that allows you to capture the image as required, it is not important. Other than consuming a lot of power, it can slow your camera.

Auto Shut Off

This is an important feature you can use to increase the camera battery life. Ideally, this is like the computer sleep mode functionality. It is advisable to set the auto power feature to the minimum time duration. In this way, the camera hibernates into the energy-saving mode. When you want to use the camera, you only press the shutter button, and your camera gets back to life.

Turn Off Sounds

The truth is that sounds that help you navigate through the menu system do not improve your user experience. Most photographers leave them on because they are not harmful. However, when you are out taking videos and photos, this feature can drain your battery life. Hence, it is advisable to put it off. Another option is turning off the focus beep that can affect your workflow, especially when you want to shoot candid images.

Avoid Image Stabilization

Although this trick cannot save you a lot of power, by turning it off, you can have adequate power to last you for a few extra minutes. That is because it turns off other power-draining functions. Thus, it is advisable to get a tripod for your camera. With the tripod, you do not need an image stabilization feature. Thus, you can switch it off and enjoy extended camera battery life.

Although some methods can help you conserve a lot of battery life, some methods are quite risky. Therefore, using the right techniques can help you get additional shots before the battery dies. For instance, if you minimize the brightness of the LCD screen, the images you get can appear under-exposed. Another option is to shoot JPEGs instead of raw files and then minimizing resolution to help save the battery power. Unfortunately, this can produce less sharp images.

How Smartwatch Can Be Beneficial for Your Health


Smartwatches have been gaining traction as they have matured into an actually usable device. Before, they were very niche and aimed only at tech enthusiasts. Now, they’ve established their niche to be useful to a broader userbase. They primarily target health-conscious and hardcore fitness-focused people. How do smartwatches help them make their lives better?

Fitness Tracking

Since smartwatches are always on your wrist, they can be attached to sensors that detect your movements. The devices can take these readings and record them for progress. They can also suggest improvements to your workout routines based on the progress that you’ve made. Some even guide you to some workout routines. When paired with a great health app on your phone, you can have an entire system dedicated to improving your fitness.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Relatively connected to the previous entry, monitoring your heart rate can be helpful to your daily life. The watch can notify you if you haven’t been active for too long, or if you need to take a break. Because of this, you know when to start and stop your exercises, making them more effective.

Goals and Reminders

You can see health goals that you can track and be reminded of with smartwatches. With reminders, you can start building up healthy habits of working out and exercising. Smartwatches like watch ES can be better at reminding you simply because they are easily accessible. The ability to see your progress toward a specific goal can also be rewarding to the user.

Media Playback Controls

Although this does not directly impact your health, this can be a game-changer to your workout routines. Pulling out your phone in the middle of an exercise can be a chore, and a bad song can break your “workout” mood. Having your “play/pause” and “next” buttons a wrist flick away can make listening workout music a seamless experience.

Sleep Tracking

Most smartwatches nowadays offer sleep tracking, which records the times you go to sleep, wake up, and even recognize deep sleep. Although the claims for the latter is not scientifically reliable, data from their sleep tracking sensors can be a good baseline to understand your sleeping habits. You can work on getting better sleep as you know which aspects of your sleeping schedule you need to fix.

Responsibility for your Health

Using smartwatches help you take responsibility for your health. By setting your wellness goals and tracking your progress, you understand how your body reacts to your activities. From this, you can adjust your routines to better fit you and make you able to reach the goals you set.


Smartwatches right now have filled the health and fitness niche of smart devices. The convenience they provide in recording your health progress and the habit-making reminders can help keep your fitness in check. If you feel like you want to make a change with your lifestyle, the smartwatch might be the upgrade that can help you push toward that goal.