Why SonalTrack Hardwire GPS Tracker Is the Best?

by Sonia Allison
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Are you constantly concerned about trailer theft or continuously thinking of ways to recover your stolen goods and vehicles? To combat all your worries, a GPS tracker for trailer is a must-have device. 

This remarkable technology not only manages your business more efficiently but also keeps track of your vehicles and the goods they transport. But with so many devices available, how will you know which GPS tracker is ideal for your trailer?

If you’re ready to invest money, the smartest decision would be to buy a GPS tracker that has multiple extended functions. SonalTrack brings you the all-new hardwired GPS tracker with the most advanced real-time information, various security alarms, and several premium features you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Not Your Basic GPS tracker for Trailers

The SonalTrack hardwire GPS tracker will give you optimum performance due to its excellent construction. It features an endless battery life to offer you continuous tracking data. It is compact in size and can be easily hidden from sight.

Along with some basic functions like ACC detection and illegal moving alarm, this GPS tracker for trailers also offers some unique features. They include fuel and temperature monitoring, as well as the ability to switch off power and fuel remotely.

Featured Security Alarms:

To ensure maximum security against robbery and theft, the GPS tracker features numerous alarms. The geo-fence alarm marks the boundaries your vehicle is not permitted to cross. The Anti-tamper alert is useful for times when someone tries to take off the tracker device and a cut-wire alarm sends you a notification when the power cable is at risk of being cut off.

You can also set a maximum speed, so you will get notified when the trailer exceeds the limit. This GPS tracker for trailers also has a built-in G sensor that will send out alerts if there is any unlawful vibration or movement. Other critical security alerts include a power outage alarm, a tow alarm, and a low voltage alarm.

Difference Between Magnetic and Hardwired GPS Trackers

With the availability of multiple kinds of tracking devices, a hardwire GPS tracker has proven to be the best choice for trailers. To make it clearer, consider the differences between all of the possible alternatives.

The plug-and-play or magnetic GPS trackers offer great ease in installing and removing the device. This is great for when you have a single gadget and no serious business. They are comparatively cheaper but come with many flaws. Because of the easy removal technique, they are often stolen or simply knocked off during rough journeys.

Wired GPS trackers, on the other hand, require professional installation and can be hidden inside the vehicle’s electrical system, making them virtually unnoticeable to thieves. They are conventionally used for fleet and commercial tracking.


SonalTrack has been entrusted with providing the best tracking services all around the world. Their new hardwire GPS device is primarily designed keeping in mind all the demands of a fleet system. The purchase needs to be made right away, whether you need assistance with container tracking, shipment tracking, asset tracking, or commercial goods tracking.

This incredible device, which is one of the best GPS trackers for trailers on the market, will be your true companion in all circumstances.

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