Amazing Types of Purifiers that You Should Know

by Sonia Allison
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With the emerging global problems and airborne diseases, air purifiers have proved to play a significant role in curbing the spread. As much as these cleaners are doing great in preventing these diseases, not all of them are good for your health. Depending on the size of the particles that you need to block, HEPA filters come in hand for this purpose. This guide will elaborate on the kind of technologies that are employed in developing various purifiers. Read on to get the most out of this article about the types of purifiers currently available. This classification is based on the source or type of materials used to make these purifiers.

Mechanical Filters 

This kind of purifier has fans that expel air through created or designed fibres where particles are trapped. HEPA filters are a perfect example that employs this kind of methodology or technique. You can consider this type of filter for cleaning medium and particles that are big. However even this type of filters are popular, they have their share of limitations. You might not rely entirely on them when it comes to odours and gases. Other than their initial purchase being high, you might consider replacement costs or charges too.

Ozone Generator Type

Ozone is a barely unstable oxygen molecule. By using this kind of methodology means reducing pollutants using chemical reactions. You need to search for the best machine for constantly creating ozone. If you generate ozone, the oxygen molecules react with contaminants to form other stable compounds less harmful to animal and human health. You need to seek consultation on the levels that are permitted for the release of ozone. Ozone might, however, not be ideal for your indoor air filtration or purification. Ozone is known to irritate your nose and other organs like the throat.

Activated Carbon Filters 

These filters use a carbon material that is activated. Activating the carbon makes it adsorb gaseous particles from the air. They might not be the best for removing all your air particles but well enough, though. The best part of these types of filters is that they can get rid of odours. Carbon filters that are activated might not be that costly in preparing them. All that you need are few materials; however, you need to do a regular replacement.

Electronic Powered Purifiers 

These are one of the amazing types of purifiers that you should know about. If you need to build this kind of filter, you need plates that are charged. The charged plates produce opposite charges that attract air particles. The charged plates ensure that the particles stick to the plates to get rid of the air particles and dust. You will have to clean the plates manually using disinfectants or special gadgets.

Other Air Purifier Technologies 

You might think of exploring these different methodologies in the quest to find the best way to purify your indoor air.

Use of Ultraviolet germicidal irradiations

These and other methods give solutions to clean indoor or outdoor air. Remember having the clean air that surrounds you means a healthy life. Don’t hesitate to purify your air.

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