Holy Grail of Building A Successful Subwoofer DIY

by Sonia Allison
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Subwoofer DIY can be your best attempt at designing and creating a super subwoofer. What do we mean when we talk about DIY? It simply means do-it-yourself when it comes to building your sub.

To build your customized sub can be fun and easier if the woodwork is available. The reason many homeowners build their subs is that they want an affordable gadget for improved sound production.

Why should you build your subwoofer through DIY?

The smaller loudspeakers are often not great at producing lower bass frequencies. Many users of speakers can get disappointed when they spend a lot of money on their speakers and end up with poor production. A subwoofer has become the solution to challenges associated with sound reproduction.

With a sub, you can have an excellent sound production because of their positioning in your space.

Types of subwoofers

  • Sealed
  • Ported
  • Bandpass
  • Passive radiator 
  • Transmission line systems

What Is a Subwoofer Made of?

You do not need many components to build your subwoofer. The woodwork is a necessary part of your subwoofer DIY, while the driver or drive unit is the most important component you need. We have numerous choices to make when it comes to drivers.

The sub enclosure is its cylinder of the box where you install the driver. We have different factors to consider when it comes to designing this box. The internal volume is a factor that you have to consider when you build your sub.

If the internal volume is perfect, the design of the sub does not matter much. We have seen subs crafted from food bowls, cones, and different types of materials. With MDF, you can craft metal/cardboard and boxes for cylinders.

Components Required for Building Subwoofers

We have talked about the drivers and box materials. Some other components you require for your sub includes:

  • Amplifier: The amplifier is required to power your sub. Find an amplifier that is affordable, powerful with channels to run your subs with ease.
  • Feet, cable, and speaker terminals
  • For those making a box, they need paint or varnish.
  • If you want to use a cylinder, go for fabric and foam.
  • The ported sub need components for a port. You will require a drainage pipe for this.
  • You will need insulation or acoustic foam for inside the enclosure. You can go for the foam carpet underlay, which is more affordable than the acoustic foam. Some people make use of pillows.

Tools You Need

You may need the following tools to help you build your sub. You do not have to use all the tools in your subwoofer creation.

  • Drill Bits 
  • Step Drill Bits 
  • Forstner Bits 
  • Wire Stripper 
  • Cordless Drill 
  • Jig Saw 
  • Multimeter 
  • Hot Glue Gun 
  • Soldering Iron 
  • Hole Saw Set 
  • Wood Router 
  • Roundover Bits 
  • Center Punch 
  • Solder 
  • Flux 

This information is the basis of what you need before you think of building your subwoofer. The process is easy and affordable for people on a tight budget. The sound production is excellent and can compete with the high-tech commercial subwoofers on the market.

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