Which is the best portable projector to choose?

by Sonia Allison
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Would you like to have your visual presentations anywhere? Or maybe share your screen in that remote area—especially when your device screen might be too little, and you need to avoid overcrowding around your device. An appropriate device that will let you share your screen easily is ideal for you. In that case, portable projectors would be a great idea.

Portable projectors have significantly improved over the years. Today, finding one that will not compromise your picture quality and suit the required brightness is essential. Regardless of where you would like to use the portable projector, making the right choice is vital. There are different qualities that you might need to check before getting yourself the best portable projector.

Features that will guide you to the best portable projector


The primary reason for portable projectors is to allow you to carry them anywhere. Most projectors are made portable with high consideration of their sizes. However, the best portable projector would be a sizeable and lightweight portable projector that could fit in your bag.


Carrying your projector to remote places means you trust the battery life of the projector. While most projectors will have a given battery life, you need a portable projector with an inbuilt battery that would last for longer hours without power interruptions. Therefore, paying attention to the battery life of an inbuilt battery is essential when choosing the best portable projector.


When you are looking for a portable projector, most likely, you would need to use it anywhere and with any device, including your phone. Finding an affordable portable projector with enough connecting ports for different devices such as screen mirroring, input and output ports is vital.


Portable projectors have for a while had considerably low brightness. However, there has been an improvement over the years, with contrast ratios of up to 1000:1. This ratio means the whites would appear brighter than blacks and, as a result, give more precise images.

Nonetheless, portable projectors would not have very high brightness. For this reason, you need not use them under too much light. Either way, if you need to use them under bright light, the best portable projector would be one with a 1000:1 ratio.


Some projectors have built-in speakers to help in projecting the sound and image at the same time. Suppose these speakers do not project sound as you need them. You could consider a portable projector with Bluetooth connectivity or a headphone jack. This way, you can easily connect external speakers and enjoy the excellent quality sound with your portable projector.

LED lamps

Most projectors use LED lamp technology to project images. LED lamps are usually bright and last long. Portable projectors come with LED lamps weighted at thirty thousand hours of usage. The best portable projector would last thirty thousand hours; this must be coupled with the built-in battery for efficiency.

Balance through the outstanding features of portable projectors such as brightness, battery life, connectivity, and portability when choosing the best portable projector in the store. Making a proper choice is vital for your overall experience with a portable projector.

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