A Guide for Fixing Your Broken Smartwatch

by Sonia Allison
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In recent years, smartwatches have surprisingly become famous. Many people are prioritizing them over traditional watches since they have extra features and support apps. An example is the Huawei Watch 3 sold in the Watch 3 store. Smartwatches are not cheap, and with every new release into the market, there’s a new feature meaning an even higher price tag. Like smartphones, repairing a broken watch can be tasking. However, there is a possibility of having your watch fixed instead of getting a new one. We outline a smartwatch fixing guide below.

A Guide for Fixing a Broken Smartwatch

Below are ways to fix your malfunctioning smartwatch yourself.

1. Troubleshoot your smartwatch

Smartwatches are prone to voice control, battery and charging, touch screen or data, and syncing issues. The voice control problems may be a failure to respond to commands or picking up the wrong words. The battery issues may cause the smartwatch not to turn on or perform poorly. In addition, if the watch doesn’t charge well or battery power drains quickly, the battery may be the problem. If the touch screen is the root problem, the smartwatch screen may be cracked, often goes blank, and doesn’t respond to touch. Sometimes, the watch’s data goes missing and doesn’t connect to your smartphone, meaning data and syncing issues are present.

2. Fixing

After picking up the issue/s, you must fix them to restore normal functioning. However, You may know what’s wrong but aren’t sure, so trying various fixes is recommended. Also, you can bring the watch to work in more than one way. Issues concerning the charging system may get solved by replacing the adapter or power outlet. You can also replace the charger, and if nothing works, result in changing the battery.

Touchscreen problems may be caused by falling or exposure to water. If the screen fails, the watch is practically useless. Clean the screen to see if it works or remove an app that is causing the stalling. If it still doesn’t respond properly, visit a professional or get a new screen.

If the voice control system is not working well, you can use the touch screen control. However, you can solve the problem by minimizing background noises. Also, try various volume levels to see which one works best.

To fix data and syncing problems, try connecting your phone and watch to see if it works. Back up all your data to keep it safe and if all information is lost, seek help from an expert for recovery.

3. Seek the help of a professional or contact a smartwatch care centre

Some smartwatch issues are quick fixes, and in no time, the watch is back to normal. Others are risky and challenging to handle, and you may ruin the watch more if you proceed. Such issues are best directed to an expert with knowledge of how the watch functions. You can visit brand sites with information on smartwatch repairs to help you deal with simple problems.

Bottom Line

Smartwatches were challenging to repair in the past, but companies are making it easier for users. They have repair guides on their sites that are easily accessible for users. As a smartwatch owner, make use of the provided information, and if the damage is beyond your capability, involve a repair expert.

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