How Smartwatch Can Be Beneficial for Your Health

by Sonia Allison
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Smartwatches have been gaining traction as they have matured into an actually usable device. Before, they were very niche and aimed only at tech enthusiasts. Now, they’ve established their niche to be useful to a broader userbase. They primarily target health-conscious and hardcore fitness-focused people. How do smartwatches help them make their lives better?

Fitness Tracking

Since smartwatches are always on your wrist, they can be attached to sensors that detect your movements. The devices can take these readings and record them for progress. They can also suggest improvements to your workout routines based on the progress that you’ve made. Some even guide you to some workout routines. When paired with a great health app on your phone, you can have an entire system dedicated to improving your fitness.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Relatively connected to the previous entry, monitoring your heart rate can be helpful to your daily life. The watch can notify you if you haven’t been active for too long, or if you need to take a break. Because of this, you know when to start and stop your exercises, making them more effective.

Goals and Reminders

You can see health goals that you can track and be reminded of with smartwatches. With reminders, you can start building up healthy habits of working out and exercising. Smartwatches like watch ES can be better at reminding you simply because they are easily accessible. The ability to see your progress toward a specific goal can also be rewarding to the user.

Media Playback Controls

Although this does not directly impact your health, this can be a game-changer to your workout routines. Pulling out your phone in the middle of an exercise can be a chore, and a bad song can break your “workout” mood. Having your “play/pause” and “next” buttons a wrist flick away can make listening workout music a seamless experience.

Sleep Tracking

Most smartwatches nowadays offer sleep tracking, which records the times you go to sleep, wake up, and even recognize deep sleep. Although the claims for the latter is not scientifically reliable, data from their sleep tracking sensors can be a good baseline to understand your sleeping habits. You can work on getting better sleep as you know which aspects of your sleeping schedule you need to fix.

Responsibility for your Health

Using smartwatches help you take responsibility for your health. By setting your wellness goals and tracking your progress, you understand how your body reacts to your activities. From this, you can adjust your routines to better fit you and make you able to reach the goals you set.


Smartwatches right now have filled the health and fitness niche of smart devices. The convenience they provide in recording your health progress and the habit-making reminders can help keep your fitness in check. If you feel like you want to make a change with your lifestyle, the smartwatch might be the upgrade that can help you push toward that goal.

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