HMS Core 5.0 Adds Armour and Fire to The HUAWEI Developer Community

by Sonia Allison
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Huawei rolled up the HMS Core 5.0 update in late July to further strengthen its app ecosystem and help its developers build better apps. The new update introduced some pretty intriguing features and services such as the new Audiokit, Video Kit, Scene Kit, Accelerate Kit, AI, Smart Device, and so on.

The focus of the new update was on Huawei’s developers and helping them to get the best of what Huawei calls “Chip-device-cloud” potential. 

This approach is nothing new for Huawei, as they have emphasized this strategy repeatedly, with every new HMS Core update. As a result, and a recognition of their efforts, their user base scaled to 650 million. Compared to 2019, that’s an increase of 25%. Furthermore, they’ve managed to attract approximately 1.4 million developers on their platform. Compared to last year, that’s a 115% growth, which is fascinating no matter how you look at it. Then there are the 60,000 apps integrated with the HMS Core. Compared to last year, that’s a 65% increase.

To better comprehend this exceptional growth, we need to learn what fuels it.

HMS Core 5.0 is built on the success of the user-oriented HMS Core 4.0.

The simple truth is that developers loved the HMS Core 4.0 that included twenty new capabilities designed to serve their needs. The HMS Core 4.0 received a lot of praise for its exceptional versatility that ranged from security to AI. The people at Huawei saw that momentum and knew that they need to build on it. The HMS Core 5.0 update is built on the momentum created by the HMS Core 4.0. It solves some of its flaws and adds new capabilities. From the early reports, developers are on board with everything from the HMS Core 5.0 update. Based on that, it is fair to say that the Huawei ecosystem is on the path to another record-breaking year.

Remote Cloud Debugging

The HMS Core Toolkit includes encoding, testing, app creation, conversion, and debugging services – all that to help developers efficiently integrate their apps with the HMS Core.

Developers see the Huawei cloud debugging service with great affection because it helps them test and debug apps remotely online. Currently, cloud debugging is available only to developers within the Asia Pacific Region and is accessible through Huawei’s Developer website.

Cutting Edge Training, Supportive Community, and Around the Clock Support

Learning is the only constant in the world of high tech. It is an endless cycle for the best developers in which they always try to be ahead of the curve by using the latest technology. Again, Huawei is on board with that. Through their Code Lab, Huawei supports developers and their massive community.

All in All

Huawei successfully rolled out another excellent update. Developers seem on board with the new update. The HMS ecosystem is expanding with the speed of light. Generally speaking, Huawei’s mobile aspirations are looking better by the day. Will that be enough to take on giants such as Google and Apple is still a mystery.

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