Tips to Note When Selecting a Laptop Battery

by Sonia Allison
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A laptop battery is responsible for supplying power to the laptop. It acts as its power source for a couple of hours without needing a power cord. The amount of power required determines how long the battery lasts. Different laptop models like the Hp come with specific batteries that can be recharged once the energy is depleted. Check out hp-battery for the vast selection of hp laptop batteries. In this write-up, we discuss the factors to consider when buying a laptop battery.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Laptop Battery

One of the essential parts of a high-quality laptop is a good working laptop battery. It plays a significant role in its portability. Several factors would make you replace the battery, such as loss of function. When getting another one, consider the following;

1. Compatibility

Most laptop batteries are model specific. They can only work with a particular computer. You’ll be required to know the model and make of your laptop. You can look it up on the paperwork that came with it during the purchase or check the battery compartment while the laptop is off and unplugged. If more than one batteries fit your device, pick the one that is more accessible and has a good lifespan.

2. Battery Capacity

It refers to the amount of energy found inside the battery, written in milliamperes(mAh). Buying one with a high capacity is important, but it also depends on your workload. Suppose you work in an office or home and do heavy loads of work; choosing a high capacity battery is key for sustaining you as more power is consumed. If you only use the laptop for simple tasks like studying, a lower capacity battery would be ideal.

3. Lifespan

Each battery has a period in which it is expected to last or function. This period is usually identified as a cycle. Every time you charge the battery to full, then completely use up all the power is referred to as ‘one cycle.’ Most of them have between 300-1500 cycles. A battery can work even after it has gone through all cycles, but it won’t hold the charge well. There is software available for download to help you count the cycles and some laptops have it already inbuilt.

4. Condition of the Battery

Laptop batteries are available either in new or refurbished condition. When on a limited budget, refurbished ones are good and much cheaper than new ones. On the flip side, you may end up buying a too old battery with a poor warranty or no warranty at all. They can also stop working suddenly, making you spend more to get another one. It is advisable to get a new battery as it comes with great benefits and avoid risks.

5. Battery Voltage

The voltage of the battery you want to get must match that of the original one. That should guide you on the type to buy as it is what your laptop can comfortably handle. The volts indicated should not be less or more than the power specified on the paperwork.


A laptop battery dictates how long you can work and how far you can go from your source of power, e.g., a socket. Buying a good battery saves you money, makes working convenient, and prevents risks such as explosions due to overheating.

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